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Universal Glass Co., Inc. with its trademark Aguila Auto Glass, has been the most recognized name in the Philippine glass industry for five (5) decades of service excellence and commitment to the Filipino. Many things have changed since the first store opened in February 18, 1952. Now with over 20 branches across Luzon and with one hundred thirty two (132) employees, the same virtues of quality and service still shine proudly. Aguila Auto Glass is committed to serving the Filipino with its expertise and experience in glass. We carry the most extensive range of glass-related items. Our automotive glass products proudly bear the


Safety laminated glass is composed of two pieces of glass and one sheet of Polyvinyl Buteral (PVB). This PVB is sandwiched in between the two glass pieces, and are subjected to high heat and pressure. When the process is done, the glass and PVB become bonded together to make one piece of glass.


Safety tempered glass is a heat treated glass that has and impact strength 3-5 times stronger than ordinary annealed glass. When Safety Tempered Glass is broken, it shatters into very small, pebble-like pieces which can help to minimize injuries.


Zone tempered glass is a special type of safety tempered glass. A cut specimen is subjected to uniform heat treatment and then rapid air cooling. In the event of breakage, the central pattern is larger than that of the periphery of the glass. THis secures a partial field of vision necessary for driving. Fragments outside the central zone break uniformly into smaller harmless fragments.

Philippine Standard Mark of Quality (PS Mark)

What is PS Certification Scheme?

It is a product certification scheme in which a manufacturer obtains a license to use the Philippine Standard (PS) Quality and Safety Marks for its capability to consistently manufacture products in accordance with a specific Philippine National Standard (PNS) or an international accepted foreign standard. This scheme is covered by Department Administrative Order No. 01, Series of 1997: Revised rules and regulations concerning the Philippine Standard (PS) Quality and/or Safety Certification Mark Scheme.

The PS license is issued to a manufacturer whose product has successfully passed the requirements of a PNS. With the license, the manufacturer affixes the PS Mark on his product or product package.

The PS Quality Mark can be found on locally manufactured products and/or in products manufactured in foreign country with the existing bilateral arrangement with the Philippines from BPS. It assures consumers that the product they are buying conform to the specific Philippine National Standard or an internationally accepted foreign standard.

The PS Safety Mark, on the other hand, when found on a product, especially a household appliance or electrical products, guarantees the product's conformance with relevant safety requirements.

Import Commodity Clearance

What is an Import Commodity Clearance?

For imported products, the BPS runs the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) certification scheme and is covered by Department Administrative Order No. 5:2001: Revised Rules and Regulations Concerning the Issuance of the Import Commodity Clearance.

ICCs are issued to importers whose shipments have been found to conform to the requirements of the relevant Philippine National Standards or acceptable international or foreign standards. In addition to satisfactory test results of import shipments, BPS conducts random checks at market outlets to make sure that imported shipments consistently meet the requirements of the applicable Philippine standard.

How would we know if the product is certified by the Bureau of Product Standards?

Products sold in the market should bear the PS/ICC mark. PS is for products manufactured in the Philippines while the ICC is for imported products. Products that bear these markings signify that the product went through the quality requirements of the BPS.


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