Plastic Acrylic

acrylic plastic architectural application Aguila Glass
New technology and modern materials including acrylic sheet have made unusual new designs and architectural applications feasible, enabling designers and people to enjoy a range of imaginative creations that could not previously have existed. Acrylic sheet’s low weight yet high strength, ability to be easily thermoformed and cut, high break resistance, clarity and lustrous color choices have opened up new avenues for modern architects to bring their concepts “alive”. From stairways to windows to lighting, from domes to arches to bridges, acrylic sheet makes unusual and memorable architectural applications possible.

acrylic plastic aquarium aguila glass
Acrylic sheet’s natural clarity, strength and light weight displays the splendor of life underwater while withstanding the pressure of the water. Virtually all major public aquariums now build display tanks using acrylic sheet, creating safe, fantastic displays for people to enjoy. Compared to glass, acrylic sheet is a far superior material for these applications because apart from its natural clarity, it is easy to shape, is break resistant, and is lighter yet stronger than glass. This makes acrylic sheet an excellent choice for aquariums, especially in high traffic or public areas.

acrylic plastic automotive tints Aguila Glass
The modern automotive industry incorporates acrylic sheets for products in many parts of the assembled items. Acrylic sheet’s high-impact resistance, outstanding optical qualities, resistance to heat and chemicals, its excellent weathering properties, and its light weight translates into many different automotive applications. Easily thermoformed, acrylic sheet can be precisely shaped into the necessary aerodynamic shapes. It is no wonder then that a whole spectrum of superior automotive products ranging from windshields, side visors and headlight protectors are manufactured from acrylic sheet.

acrylic plastic boat window Aguila Glass
Stronger than glass and lighter, easily thermoformed and available in a range of tinted shades including UV-stabilized types, modern recreational boat windows are invariably made of acrylic sheet. Not only are they easier to fabricate and install, but being break resistant they are more durable, allowing crew and passengers alike to navigate and enjoy the view under safer conditions.

acrylic plastic displays and pop Aguila Glass
In today’s competitive market, it is crucial for sales displays and Point of Purchase (POP) displays to be attention-grabbing. Acrylic sheet is a versatile and excellent way to create memorable exhibits as it can be fashioned into display stands for cosmetics, perfume testers, display cabinets, counter materials, poster frames and projection screens to name just a few applications. These displays can be opaque or transparently lit-up, colorful or even fluorescent exhibits with a variety of surfaces including single or double sided satin or matt, that are eye-catching and attractive to modern shoppers.

acrylic plastic furniture Aguila Glass

Without doubt, acrylic sheet lends itself to the creation of unique and eye-catching decorative furniture pieces and household accessories. It is available in many thicknesses, surface finishes, color choices and is resistant to cleaning products. It has excellent  weathering and easy to fabricate. 

acrylic plastic furnitures Aguila Glass
These properties make acrylic sheet a favorite of imaginative modern furniture and household accessory designers. Whether in the form of chairs, tables or other applications, furniture made from acrylic sheet is sure to give its surroundings a sleek, contemporary touch.

Aguila Glass acrylic plastic greenhouse
A crucial component in today’s food production chain, greenhouses are also a source of pleasure for many flower-lovers. Clear, high gloss acrylic sheet is a favorite material for greenhouses due to its light weight, superior light transmission, weather resistance and break-resistance. At half the weight of glass, acrylic sheet is far less likely to shatter. Plants grow as well under these materials as they do under glass, without incurring the dangerous risk of potential glass breakage.

Many of the applications available in today’s consumer, industrial, and office lighting markets make extensive use of acrylic sheets. Acrylic sheet is used in light diffusion panels or covers, globes and fixtures for indoor and outdoor lighting applications. It is weather resistant, has good impact strength, comes in many colors, and achieves its diffusing properties using opals, colors or a matt surface effect.

Aguila Glass plastic Acrylic
Many medical applications use acrylic sheet thanks to its good transparency, clarity, non-reactive and non-toxic nature, resistance to degradation by cleaning products, formability, ease of cleaning, and break resistance. Modern infant incubators are routinely made of acrylic sheet, as are tanning cubicles. New medical components and health care equipment are continuously being fabricated from acrylic sheet, taking advantage of the acrylic sheet’s outstanding safety and hygienic features.

plastic acylic picture frame Aguila Glass
Today, traditional glass picture frames are commonly made of acrylic sheet owing to its light weight and high impact strength. At half the weight of glass and ten times the impact strength, acrylic sheet is particularly ideal for large or oversized pieces of art. It provides increased protection against breakage and removes the risk of damage to the framed art or photograph as well as shielding people around it from potentially dangerous breakage, an important characteristic in crowded environments or homes with active children or pets. In addition, acrylic sheet can protect against UV damage.

acrylic plastic shop display Aguila Glass
The versatility of acrylic sheet products are put to good use as shop fittings worldwide, drawing on the wide range of their transparent, translucent and opaque colors, glossy, textured or reflective surfaces. These properties make them most suitable for a variety of applications including cosmetics stands, perfume testers, display cabinets, shelves, poster frames and projection screens. From simple shop fittings to elaborate custom designs, acrylic sheet can be easily cut, glued or thermoformed to produce your desired product.

plastic acrylic skylight Aguila Glass
Acrylic sheet skylights provide natural illumination and bring the "sunshine" inside. They save energy by reducing the amount of artificial lighting needed and with proper design maintain the buildings insulation properties. Other advantages of acrylic sheets are improved safety during installation because of superior break resistance compared with glass, excellent light transmission properties and reduction in the transmission of UV. Not only is acrylic sheet safer, but it is half the weight of glass and easier to install and makes a long term investment for a building.

acrylic plastic sound barrier  Aguila Glass
Sound barriers must be made from long-lasting materials suitable for outdoor usage. Acrylic sheet has been successfully used around the world for this purpose. Easy to form, fabricate and install, acrylic sound barriers are long lasting and break resistant, and come in both clear and colored variations. Their transparency preserves the natural view from the road or rail and blends into the landscape. Most importantly, acrylic sound barriers have been shown to successfully reduce noise pollution in built-up residential areas.


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