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Keep up the good work!

Had our Toyota Vios' windshield replaced in your Makati branch. The owner and he's staff are very professional. They even called us that they can accommodate us during holiday. Keep up the good work!

Alextin, April 9, 2013


So many branches, so accessible and they have the biggest stocks

I like the fact that Aguila has so many branches, so accessible and they have the biggest stocks of different replacement windshields. You wont need their products everyday, but when you need it, good to know, they will have the stock.

4 out of 5 star rating.  

Bernardo L., January 21, 2010

I agree on this, plus their product is a high quality

February  26, 2013 


Professionally done...and the price is just right.

I had my Starex van windshield replaced at your Angeles branch,actually this is quite late for a feedback,and I would say that it is professionaly done.Malinis ang pagkagawa and the price is just right.Keep up the goodworks.

October 5, 2012


Thank You AGUILA

I'm so satisfied with my windshield- Thank You AGUILA=)

June 10, 2012


Salamat mga kapatid sa Aguila Auto Glass!

new windshield done! salamat mga kapatid sa Aguila Auto Glass!

May 12, 2012


I am very pleased with the service and quality.

Eugene Abela During this raining season my corolla had leaks all over the windshield. I went to several shops in Banawe to have this fixed!!! Nothing worked, it kept leaking… I read about Aguila Autoglass, and decided to try their services. 
The crew from Valenzuela, took off my windshield, had it cleaned and sealed it back up. The price is affordable 
I am very pleased with the service and quality.
Thanks to the crew in Valenzuela, for doing a good job!!! Kudos.
I will drop by next week for the Honda Legend.

August 5, 2011


Casa will charge you 200%

Actually some car dealer they do source out of replacing the broken windshield, as mentioned of my uncle who used to work in aguila auto glass in pasig. Isa sa suki nila ay hyundai.... actually kapag dinala mo ang car mo sa casa they will advise you na balikan mo nalang..... and they will charge you 200% compare sa cost ng replacement sa aguila. They used quick dry silicon sealant kaya no need to dry it for long period of time. 

nagpapalit na din ako ng front wind shield, after they installed the glass 30mins lang byahe na ako, 2yrs na okay pa din..

September 4, 2008

Direcho mo na sa Aguila

Yes, direcho mo na sa Aguila or pwede mo silang tawagin para puntahan ang car na kakabitan. Karamihan ng mga shops / casa tumatawag lang rin ng installer and pagdating sa glass installation, kilala ang Aguila  Btw 2X na kaming nagpa full body repair nung 90's , kami nagkalas pero sila nagkabit. No problem sa lahat ng ginawa nila.

August 20, 2008

Aguila Glass did a good job in the installation

When the rear glass of our Vanette was shattered more than 5 years ago, we went to Aguila Glass for replacement. Yes, the material and labor were a lot cheaper compared to what the casa offered. I think they charged me P14K vs. >P35K if we had engaged the casa. They installed the new glass (with defogger) in our garage. And, if I remember correctly, they recommended that we do not use the van for a few hours for curing.

Until now, I have no problem with our Vanette's rear glass. Aguila Glass did a good job in the installation.

August 20, 2008