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With over 8000 models, we carry the most extensive range of windshields, door glass, and backglass.

Our safety laminated glass comes in a variety of sizes and can easily be cut for a variety of applications.

Aguila Glass carries Lumina Automotive Window Film in various shades. Aguila Glass carries Type S wipers in varying kinds and sizes. Affordable, durable, and easy to install.

We supply 1 piece or 2 piece windshields as well as side glass for many bus brands.

We carry high-quality plastic acrylic that is perfect for a variety of applications such as signages and furniture. Our acrylic is also food and medical grade and can easily be bent and molded.

We carry polyurethane sealants for auto glass installations, as well as silicone sealants for general use.

Keep on truckin’ with Aguila Glass as we have the most complete line of truck glass.

Essential for many auto glass installations, we carry a wide inventory of rubber products. We can also supply rubber products for other vehicle applications whether car, bus or truck.

As the auto glass experts, Aguila Glass also carries a number of auto glass tools such as caulking guns, cold knives, and replacement blades.


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